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New young country diva Katie Armiger certainly has the image of a nice girl, but on her new album Confessions of A Nice Girl, it is clear that Armiger is a nice girl who has been hurt and is becoming tough. Even the sunny opening track “Best Song Ever” has an ambiguity between whether it is to be taken at face value or sarcastically, and songs that follow like “Nice Girl”, “Cry Cry Cry”, “Ain’t Gonna Happen”, “Scream” and “Ain’t So Sweet” are all about a girl who might have once been “sweet and nice” but who has been hurt to the point of fierce resistance. Perhaps the saddest song of the album is “Leaving Home”, in which Armiger explains to her mother that she has to leave to pursue her dreams of country stardom. Ultimately, with Confessions of a Nice Girl, Katie Armiger has burst onto the country scene with an album of stark originality and conviction. 

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