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The Kentucky Headhunters have made a name for themselves combining various indigenous popular music styles of North America in a unique way that somehow remains country, and their new album Dixie Lullabies continues the seamless blend of rock, country, pop, blues and soul for which they are known. Of course there are country songs, but even they have a fairly agressive edge. And there are soul songs like “Tumblin’ Roses”, teenage rock songs like “Les Paul Standard” and even contemporary Christian songs like “Just Believe.” The final tune, “Recollection Blues”, has a 1930’s jazz mood about it, complete with brushes on the drums. Dixie Lullabies is certainly not a record for country purists, but for those who are interested in the ways that country, bluegrass, blues, soul, jazz, gospel and rock are related, it is fourteen tracks of Americana heaven. Dig in!

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