4/8/2010: Red Eye Coffee, Tallahassee, FL

This really cool coffee bar, which I came upon by accident while driving from Gainesville to Sandestin, is basically non-profit. Signs inside explain that all profits after expenses are given to several named charities, including one in Tallahassee that helps the poor, and one working with struggling villagers in Guatemala. Really good coffee, and you can feel good about yourself after buying it, too!

3/19/2010: SXSW Day 3 Austin TX

My third SXSW day began at Magnolia Cafe for breakfast, and then I spent the bulk of the day going around to the various record stores, including End of an Ear and Friends of Sound. Then I headed down to see Bobby Bernard at Sundance Records in San Marcos; his brother Gary is our buyer at Select-O-Hits in Memphis, and Sundance is a great outlet for a lot of our rap product. I had a trunk full of posters and promotional discs for him.

When I got back to Austin, I met one of my homeboys for dinner at Pappadeaux’s, which is one of my favorite restaurants whenever I was in Texas. I ran by Antone’s Record Shop too, but had very little time to browse there, as they were about to close, so I ended my day with a homemade dessert at Dolce Vita.