Morning Bell Records (@MorningBellJXN), Fondren, Jackson MS

Morning Bell Records in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi is that city’s only independent record store, and it is a unique treasure. The focus of the store is vinyl, and there is a great selection of both new and used vinyl records. Of course, there is also a wonderful selection of Jackson and Mississippi music in both CD and vinyl formats, and a small selection of new and used CD’s, primarily indie rock. Besides the record store items, Morning Bell stocks craft beer and artisan sodas, and is also a recording studio for local bands and a record label. My brief browsing yielded some absolute jewels, including a Lightning Malcolm CD on Jimbo Mathus’ old Knockdown South imprint, the latest CD from Jackson hip-hopper 5th Child and a used CD of Neon Bible by Arcade Fire. Morning Bell Records is located in the old Duling School at 622 Duling Avenue in Fondren. You can visit them at

Bama’s Record Shop, Jackson MS

Bama’s Record Shop on Bailey Avenue in Jackson, Mississippi has been the premiere place to buy blues, soul, gospel and rap music in Jackson for well over 20 years. Formerly a location of James Bennett’s BIP Records, the store still features a considerable amount of vinyl, and a good selection of both new and used discs, including some that are hard-to-find discontinued items. The selection of oldie rap is especially good. Bama’s is located just north of the Virden Addition neighborhood at 2618 Bailey Avenue Extended and can be reached the old-fashioned way at (601) 983-2040.

Sneaky Beans Coffee House, Fondren, Jackson MS

People probably don’t often think of Mississippi and coffee bars together, but Jackson has some great ones, including this youngster on the block, Sneaky Beans, a fixture in the burgeoning Fondren district. Sneaky Beans has delicious coffee drinks, but it’s also a venue for local bands and musicians, and even has a small corner for compact disc and vinyl album sales, where I noticed a CD from Jackson hip-hop artist Fifth Child for sale. Visit them in Fondren on State Street, or at

Swell-O-Life/Project Chane, Fondren, Jackson, MS

Swell-O-Life/Project Chane is a clothing and lifestyle store in Jackson, Mississippi’s ultra-hip Fondren district. While not technically a skateboard shop, it does appeal to the local skateboard culture, as well as selling lines of Jackson and Mississippi shirts, some positive, some ironic, along the lines of New Orleans’ Dirty Coast. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Jackson area, or online at