Guitar Lightnin’ Lee At The All-New Three Keys Lounge at Ace Hotel Nola

Guitar Lightning Lee Live at Three Keys Lounge / Google Photos

New Orleans might be America’s music capital, but it’s not the place we think of much when it comes to blues. We revel in its differences as a city…its European style, its African tendencies, its Caribbean joy…and then we forget that it is still an American city, perhaps the quintessential one. So while we think of blues being music that came from other places, New Orleans has produced some great blues musicians, and perhaps one of the best current ones is Guitar Lightnin’ Lee, a musician whose style incorporates elements of Louisiana swamp pop and swamp blues as well as the traditional blues. When the Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau/Ponderosa Stomp folks decided to sponsor a blues event at the all-new Three Keys Lounge at the Ace Hotel New Orleans, they invited Guitar Lightnin’ Lee to be the opening act, and a worthy choice it was indeed. Lee’s selections ran the gamut from traditional blues to such swamp pop classics as “Mathilda”, and before his set was through, revellers had filled the dance floor to overflowing. I must add that the Three Keys Lounge is an awesome venue for music, and will be welcomed.