Grand Opening of the Memphis Music Magnet’s Memphis Slim Collaboratory

The Memphis Music Magnet is a music-based community redevelopment effort in the Soulsville neighborhood of South Memphis adjacent to the Stax Music Academy and the Stax Museum. Its crowning achievement so far has been the redevelopment of blues great Memphis Slim’s childhood home into a recording co-operative with a small performance space upstairs (this house being directly across the street from the legendary Stax studios is one of the odd coincidences of the neighborhood), and on April 25, the general public got their first opportunity to tour the facility and to sign up for a membership, which costs $60 per year. Members get 10 hours of recording time per month, and can get two more each month by teaching a class to other members. The facility is small but beautiful, and has an upright piano and a vintage drum set, in addition to its recording board and mic room. These are the kind of initiatives that Memphis needs, and ones that will hopefully make a difference. To celebrate their open house, the Collaboratory had hired my homeboy DJ Daniel to spin rare Memphis soul, which is what he does best.