Thankful 4 The Drummers At The @HardRockMemphis with @CalvinR_Rodgers @Bart_Orr

Friday night, the Memphis gospel music community came out to support local Memphis drummers, and to see Calvin “C-Rod” Rodgers, arguably one of the best gospel drummers of today. It was amazing and fortunate to get to see him play, as last year, after a brutal robbery and beating, it was for a time doubtful that he would ever be able to play again. The event, called Thankful 4 The Drummers, was sponsored by Marcus Malone at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street in downtown Memphis, and was opened up by local drummers such as Tevin Curtis, Bart Orr and Chris Pat. Altogether it was an amazing night of great drumming that didn’t break up until nearly 1 AM.

Matt Matthews Drum Shed at Ram In The Bush

Memphis drummers hone their skills at a drum shed at Ram In The Bush Christian Center. These events are called “sheds” because in the early days of jazz, drummers used to practice in woodsheds, probably because their parents or others didn’t want all the noise of practice in the house. Practicing drums became “hitting the woodshed” or “woodshedding” , and even though the days of woodsheds are long gone, the practice is still called “shedding.”