A Latte At The Lab (@The_Lab_Experience) in Lafayette, and Live Music In DeGaulle Square

When I finally got to Lafayette, it was too early for dinner, but too late to go to the antique malls that I had planned on visiting. So I headed first to a coffee bar in the River Ranch neighborhood of Lafayette called The Lab, which brags of “handcrafted coffees and comforts.” The handcrafted coffees are french pressed coffees, but The Lab has espresso based drinks as well, and the comforts include gelato and baked goods. I was also impressed by the pounds of different varieties of whole bean coffees. All of them looked great, and I would have been pleased to take any of them home. As I walked outside the coffee bar, I heard a kick drum being tested, and realized that some live music was about to get underway, probably at the little village square nearby, known as DeGaulle Square. On my last visit to this part of Lafayette, there had been no businesses on the square, which seemed relatively new, but now there was a bar and grill called Pour and a restaurant called the Village Cafe, which actually looked worth checking out had I not had my heart set on Ruffino’s on the River. A cajun music band was setting up in the bandbox in the middle of the square, and people were already setting up lawn chairs and picnic blankets. If I hadn’t planned on going to see James Hunter, I would have stayed right there to enjoy the beautiful weather and the great music.

The Lab Handcrafted Coffees & Comforts
1042 Camellia Blvd #6
Lafayette, LA 70608
(337) 889-5782