Christmas Locked and Loaded with Michael Mosby’s Hard Hitters Band and Soulman Snipes at Zodiac @MosbyMike @Snipes901

Veteran Memphis drummer Mike Mosby has one of Memphis’ best soul bands, the Hard Hitters, and on Sunday night, December 22, 2013, they kicked off the week of Christmas right with an event called Locked and Loaded at the Zodiac Restaurant and Lounge on Mount Moriah Road in Hickory Hill. The band amazed the standing-room-only crowd with funky instrumentals, vocal tunes, and a hip-hop performance from Memphis’ most soulful rapper, Soulman Snipes. As the old folks used to say, a good time was had by all.

Mike Mosby’s Hard Hitters Band Live at the Princeton Experience at Zodiac Restaurant, Hickory Hill, Memphis, 7/26/13

Memphis drummer Michael Mosby returned to Memphis after a stint in Atlanta, and has since put together one of the city’s best bands, the Hard Hitters. Last night, at the Zodiac Restaurant and Lounge in Hickory Hill, the Hard Hitters and their vocalists, Brittany Shelby and Cameron Bethany provided the entertainment for a birthday party/event called the Princeton Experience, ably abetted by other rappers and singers, including a great singer named Angela Holmes that I had not heard before. By the end of the evening, the venue was standing room only.