Max Minelli releases his new album “Heart of a King”

Emerging from C-Loc’s Concentration Camp, Max Minelli is a veteran of the Baton Rouge rap scene, and is consistently popular with fans in Louisiana’s capital city. With Heart of a King, Max Minelli elevates his game to a new level with 14 tracks produced by some of Louisiana’s finest producers, including Gussmakemybeats and C-Loc veteran Nathan “Happy” Perez. As always, Max Minelli gives his fans a street edge, but one with an intelligent difference, as Max is first and foremost a lyricist. Songs like “Can I Help You” and “Heart Of A King” deliver the crunkness, but there are also sunny, windows-down anthems like “City Is Mine”, and Minelli’s advice to youth to “Be Respected” is far more positive than the average street rapper making records today. Several of the songs feature Max’s new Dead Game Records labelmates, the rapper Kevin Gates and singer Malachi X. Altogether a release of consistent quality from one of Baton Rouge’s finest.

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