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4/17/10: Africa In April & Strange Fruit Vintage Launch

Africa in April has become a spring tradition in Memphis, and while it might not be exactly Freaknik, it’s as close as we’ve ever gotten in Memphis, since it usually involves bright, sunny weather, street vendors, good food, live music and huge crowds of people. This year, Nigeria was the African country being honored, and the pretty weather brought out the people (and unfortunately, the politicians as well).

Africa in April is also the kind of event where you seem to run into people you know. I certainly did, running into my friends Corey Blocker (the rapper Tune C) and Ronald Grayson (the rapper Tha Boss King) amongst the huge crowds in Church Park. With the weather so pleasant, Beale Street was crowded as well.

In the evening, Tune C headed down to the South Main Arts District with me to a place called MPACT Memphis, where there was a launch party for a clothing venture called Strange Fruit Vintage. It did not draw a huge crowd, and there were no performances, but we did get to meet the young woman who is starting the firm.

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