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A Great Burger And A Taste of Shreveport’s Musical History
A Great Burger And A Taste of Shreveport’s Musical History

A Great Burger And A Taste of Shreveport’s Musical History

It was my last day in Shreveport, and I wanted a hamburger. I resisted the thought of Twisted Root Burger Company at first, because I knew it was a Dallas-based chain. I had eaten at a location near Southern Methodist University years ago, and I wanted to try places unique to Shreveport. But there didn’t seem to be any other local upscale burger options, so I suggested to my traveling companion that we try it, and we were not disappointed.

The Twisted Root in Shreveport is located in a building on Line Avenue that once was a guitar shop. That fact may have occasioned the musical theme of the place, but to my shock, when we entered, we noticed a virtual Shreveport music hall of fame, with guitars, records and photos. Little shrines to various Shreveport musicians are located above each booth. A lot of guitars are displayed above one side of the bar, and a lot of records above the other. While most of the artists highlighted were country or rock and roll, I was thrilled to see Leadbelly, the musical Blade family, and soul singer Eddie Giles also remembered. A tree-shaded patio was just outside, but the threat of rain kept it empty.

But of course all the ambiance in the world cannot save a restaurant with bad food. Fortunately, Twisted Root is exceptional in that department as well. Our burgers were big, juicy and made to order, and came with hot, freshly-made fries. Hand-cut potato chips and freshly-fried pork skins are also available, as well as wagyu beef burgers. The soda fountain consists strictly of Oak Cliff Sodas from Dallas, a craft soda brand unique to the area and quite good.

Twisted Root has sweet options to end your meal as well, but the burgers are so filling that you will be hard-pressed to find the room for dessert. Prices are reasonable and fairly consistent with other upscale burger places. Despite being part of a Dallas chain, Twisted Root has enough Shreveport ambiance to warrant a visit by anyone who loves Shreveport music or great burgers.

Twisted Root Burger Company Shreveport

8690 Line Avenue

Shreveport, LA 71106

(318) 868-6410

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