Hard Hitters Band featuring Mike Mosby (@MosbyMike) Cameron Bethany (@ShoobyDoowah) and Brittany Shelby at the @MLGW Plus-1 Jam on Beale Street

Each year, our local utility Memphis Light Gas & Water takes advantage of the crowds walking to and from the Beale Street Music Festival to sponsor a stage on Beale Street where they feature a number of local musicians and singers, all in an effort to raise money to help the poor and elderly with their utility bills. My drummer partner Mike Mosby had texted me that his band the Hard Hitters would be playing there on Sunday from 6 to 8, so I walked up Beale and caught their performance, which was really good. Unfortunately, the weather was really bad, icy cold, and increasingly looking like the rain might be coming back. So after their performance, I decided not to go back to the Beale Street Music Festival, even though I had hoped to see the Royal Southern Brotherhood’s performance at 8:50. It proved to be the right decision, because when I completed the several-mile walk back to my car, the rains began in earnest.

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