Keeping the Brass Band Tradition With The Jackson Square All-Stars

Although the city of New Orleans put a stop to the tradition of brass bands playing in the first block of Bourbon Street near Canal, brass band music can still be heard in and around Jackson Square on some afternoons, played by a band known as the Jackson Square All-Stars. This band is geared to the out-of-town visitors, and therefore doesn’t play the hood-infused youthful style that used to prevail at Bourbon and Canal, but a lot of the members of this band are young musicians from the city’s best brass bands, including the TBC.

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  1. I was in NOLA in August and fell in love with the Jackson Square All-Stars! I decided that I needed to buy their cd and the day before I left for home they weren’t playing. I could kick myself for not getting it right away. Any idea how to get one?

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