Spring and North Main Jukes, Covington, TN

Those familiar with the little town of Mason, Tennessee in Tipton County will undoubtedly recall the row of juke joints called “cafes” along Front Street. The same dynamic, on a smaller scale, seems to have gone on in Covington, Tennessee as well, along North Main Street and Spring Street. Places I remember from the past, like Isaac Elam’s Cafe (really a pool hall) are long gone, but there are still a few jukes in the area. Of course The Main Event seems to have closed some years ago, and I doubt that there’s any live music in any of them nowadays, but The Wolf’s Den and the Ruff Ryder’s Club seem to point back to a previous era. The list of handwritten “Rules” for the Ruff Ryder’s Club suggest that it sometimes gets a “Ruff” clientele indeed!

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