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Breakfast at McElroy’s in Ocean Springs MS
Breakfast at McElroy’s in Ocean Springs MS

Breakfast at McElroy’s in Ocean Springs MS

McElroy’s Seafood used to be called McElroy’s Harbor House, but that was back when the restaurant was in Biloxi, right by the Small Craft Harbor on the mainland across from Deer Island. It had a great reputation for seafood then, but hurricanes have not been kind to the venerable old restaurant, and when Hurricane Katrina destroyed the building, the restaurant relocated across the rebuilt bridge to the arts community of Ocean Springs. In many ways, the move was for the best, because the new location, very near the site of the original French settlement of Biloxi, backs up to Indian Bayou, with lovely water views through the big picture windows. I’m reliably told the seafood is as good as ever, but the surprise here is breakfast. Amazing breakfast, I might add. Nothing too unusual, pretty much the standard omelettes, bacon and eggs, yet delicious, accompanied by the water views mentioned above, and also with one unique coastal addition to the menu, New Orleans-style beignets, which are hard to resist, even after an omelette. And now McElroy’s has reopened in Biloxi at their former location, high off the ground in case of another hurricane. Either location is worth checking out for lunch, dinner or even breakfast.

McElroy’s Seafood
705 Bienville Blvd
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
(228) 818-4600

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  1. Angelina Findeisen

    Enjoyed breakfast there with exception regarding kitchen staff buttering toast before serving. Mgr. Cindy abruptly told me the staff in kitchen has no time to butter toast they are too busy trying to get food out! Well by the time the toast gets to your table the butter will not melt when spreaded on the toast and is not palatable. How long does it take to take a brush in melted butter and slap it on the toast ? I called Connie at the harbor location and she told me if it is written on the check there they will accommodate the customer and butter the toast. She was much more congenial than Cindy at Bayou with her fast food mentality. I will drive over the bridge to get my toast buttered while it’s hot!

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