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Live Soul at Acoustix, Atlanta GA

When Phillippia finished her Acoustix set, an R & B singer named D-Metro came on stage and did one song before the end of the night, to get people ready for his appearance at the club the following weekend, Atlanta GA, 11/24/12

Phillippia Live at the Alley Bar at Acoustix, Atlanta GA

When the jazz in Acoustix Restaurant upstairs had come to an end, I walked downstairs into the Alley Bar, where an incredible young soul/funk band was backing up several singers. I was especially impressed with the drummer, whose sense of “pocket” and chops kept the band tight. The headliner proved to be a soul singer named Phillippia (@stayaddicted10), who apparently has a certain degree of fame in the Atlanta market. Originally from Miami, she skillfully blends neo-soul, traditional soul and R & B covers, reggae, and the occasional hip-hop/hardcore reference, as in her single “Addicted to My Grind.” She has a great stage persona and a decent voice, and with such a first-rate band backing her, the night was truly amazing. You can hear some of Phillippia’s music at, or follow her on Twitter at

Live Jazz at Acoustix, Atlanta GA

Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge is a fairly-upscale spot on Marietta Street in Atlanta, west of downtown. It features a restaurant with live jazz of a more traditional sort until 11 PM on weekends, and a downstairs basement lounge called the Alley which features more neo-soul, funk and contemporary jazz and which stays open slightly later. Parking can be hard to come by, and seats can fill up quickly, so it’s good to make reservations, or at least arrive early. You can keep up with the live music schedule at, or like them on Facebook at