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What’s Left of Waterford, Mississippi

Waterford, Mississippi in Marshall County is the nearest town to the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic, if indeed it can be called a town at all. It was formerly a railroad depot on the Mississippi Central Railroad that ran from Holly Springs to Oxford, and there was, judging from what is left, a sort of main street and business district along the railroad. Like so many Mississippi communities, very little remains, although there is still a post office, a couple of churches and some residences.

Duwayne Burnside Et Al Closes Out Friday Night On A High Note #HillCountryPicnic2013

After David Kimbrough came off stage, he was followed by R. L. Burnside’s son Duwayne, who was quickly joined on stage by Kenny Brown, Kinney Kimbrough and many other guests. Duwayne smiles easy and often, his face alive with the shear joy of creating, and his incredible facility on the guitar reminds us whose son he is. There was no better closing act for the first night than the Duwayne Burnside band, with a crew of little Burnside children posted up on the stage, their eyes filled with wonder. The tradition is alive, and will continue.

Otis Logan’s Event at the Ice Bar

After driving back to Memphis on Monday December 3, I headed straight to the Ice Bar in Southwind to support my homeboy Otis Logan the drummer, whose band was sponsoring a Monday night concert featuring performances from Cameron Bethany, the rapper Snipes, Ava Monroe and Jerome Chism. Live music is unusual on a Monday night in Memphis, but the place was packed.

Nuthin But Fire Records-New Orleans LA

New Orleans rapper-activist @SESS45 opened Nuthin But Fire Records prior to Katrina, and probably had no idea it would become the city’s last hip-hop record store. The message on the building’s wall addresses one of the city’s continuing problems, the high rate of violence and killing among young African-American men in New Orleans. Sess has continued to represent those whose houses were destroyed in New Orleans and those who are struggling to return or remain. Each year, he organizes a second-line on or near the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to commemorate its victims. Like him on Facebook at or follow him on Twitter at You can visit the store and label at or at 1840 N Claiborne Ave when you’re in New Orleans.

Breakfast at the Ruby Slipper

The Ruby Slipper is a great place for breakfast in New Orleans. Originally starting from a location on Cortez Street in Mid-City, the restaurant has now expanded to include locations in the Central Business District and in the Bywater neighborhood. Visit them when in New Orleans for great breakfasts and lunches. Menu, addresses and hours can be found at

Checking Out the Hot 8 Brass Band at the Howlin’ Wolf

After a steak dinner at Crescent Steak House and a dessert at Angelo Brocato’s, I drove back to my hotel and tried to decide whether to go to a gig my homeboy Edward Jackson was on at the Blue Nile, or to hear Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson at Snug Harbor, or to check out the @Hot8BrassBand at the Howlin Wolf on South Peters. I soon realized that the Howlin Wolf was a block from the Courtyard by Marriott where I was staying, so I walked down there and checked out the Hot 8 Brass Band’s weekly Sunday night set. Even though I was exhausted from four hours of second-lining, I had a ball. The Hot 8 Brass Band have recently released a new album entitled The Life and Times of the Hot 8 Brass Band, and I bought a copy at the gig. You can keep up with new releases and scheduled appearances of the band by visiting or liking them on Facebook at

The End Is Where We Begin

The Dumaine Street Gang second-line ended where it began in the Treme neighborhood, but the crowds seemed reluctant to disperse. One crowd hung around the corner outside the Café Treme where the parade had ended, while a much larger crowd remained under the bridge on Claiborne, which turned into a car and bike show until the police came and dispersed the crowd on horseback, New Orleans, 12/02/12