A Taste of Espresso and Miami’s Club Culture at Segafredo Brickell (@SegafredoBrkl)

I was of course familiar with Segafredo as an outstanding brand of Italian espresso beans, but I wasn’t at all aware of them having retail locations, at least not in the United States, so I was thrilled to discover Segafredo Brickell, the most exciting coffee bar I have ever encountered. Open until at least 3 AM (and sometimes later) Segafredo Brickell is just south of downtown Miami, and features an outdoor patio complete with a DJ and dance floor. There is a full food and liquor menu as well, but it was the superior Segafredo coffee that attracted me. Enjoying the signature Segafredo (an espresso with chocolate and cinnamon) out on the patio on a breezy, warm Miami night is a experience not to be missed.

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