Sampling A Slice of Key Lime Pie at the Key Lime Pie Factory

Anyone who goes to the Florida Keys probably wants to try key lime pie. The delicacy is ubiquitous throughout the keys (and far beyond them, these days), and if a sign is to be believed, the pie was invented in Key West in 1856. Indeed, the dilemma in Key West is not finding a place to get Key Lime Pie, but rather deciding which one to try. With no scientific method available to me to aid in making my choice, I resorted to the handy Yelp app on my iPhone and picked a spot based on which one had the best ratings on Yelp. Totally unscientific, of course, and subject to tampering by owners and employees, but that method resulted in me going to the Key Lime Pie Factory, and their key lime pie seemed very good indeed. They also have key lime rum cake (which they let me sample), and just about anything else that can be made with key limes (even key lime craft sodas). It’s a really cool spot, and worth a visit.

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