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SXSW Day 5: Dinner at the Moonshine Patio @MoonshineGrill
SXSW Day 5: Dinner at the Moonshine Patio @MoonshineGrill

SXSW Day 5: Dinner at the Moonshine Patio @MoonshineGrill

The Mooonshine Patio Bar and Grill becomes insanely busy during South By Southwest, and a lot of it is due to its location, literally across Red River Street from the Austin Convention Center. It’s not surprising that wait times can reach an hour or more, but since I had never eaten there in all my years of going to Austin for SXSW, I decided to put my name in and wait for a table. My friend Travis was still at the Complex Magazine showcase a block away, and I was hoping he would join me when he left there, but the wait for a table was about an hour and a half. That being said, I didn’t mind it at all. I could sit outdoors on the porch, the weather was sunny and comfortable, watching the people coming and going down the street was fun, and there turned out to be an electric outlet in the flower bed, so I was able to charge my phone, which I badly needed to do. The wait proved to be shorter than I was told, and I was soon seated at a comfortable table. Moonshine Patio specializes in Southern food, but in an upscale sort of way, and a lot of items on the menu looked good. I ultimately opted for the southern fried chicken and waffles, and was very pleased with my choice. I was also pleased with the service, which could have gotten erratic given the crowd of diners the restaurant was dealing with, but everything was correct and prompt. The bill wasn’t bad either, considering how good the food was. I left happy and satisfied, walking across the street to the Convention Center for the Hackathon Awards concert.

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill
303 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 236-9599

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