Smelly Cat Coffee (@smellycatcoffee) in NoDa, Charlotte

Almost any trendy neighborhood or arts district will have at least one coffee bar, and Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood is no exception. What is a little unusual is that NoDa’s is called the Smelly Cat Coffee House, apparently named for a song that was in the TV series Friends (i never watched the show, so I don’t recall the song). But the only smells you’ll actually smell in Smelly Cat Coffee are the pleasant smells of roasting coffee. There is a small food menu, and you can also buy bags of beans as well as coffee brewing equipment, especially French presses. The coffee is really quite good, and worth a visit. They also have a website at where you can order coffee, tea and brewing equipment to be shipped to your door.

Get Your Just Desserts at World Coffee Cafe, Asheville

#016 World Coffee Cafe Around the corner from Burgerworx in downtown Asheville is a cafe on Battery Park called the World Coffee Cafe. As the name suggests, it is a great place to get espresso-based drinks, but it also offers exquisite desserts, including cakes and cheesecakes. Judging from what I saw under the glass, there’s an amazing array of different desserts to choose from, and in addition to the cafe’s seating area, the World Coffee Cafe also runs a Sky Bar at the top of the Flatiron Building, where you can enjoy your coffee and sweets along with a delicious view from high above Asheville. Visit them at

For Coffee in West Nashville, Head to the Headquarters (@HQsNashville)

#007 Headquarters Coffee If you’ve had lunch at the nearby M. L. Rose Burgers on Charlotte Avenue, and now you want a jolt of caffeine before getting back on I-40 (or heading back to work), Headquarters Coffee is the spot, just a couple of blocks west down Charlotte Avenue amongst the thrift stores and flea markets. West Nashville used to have a fairly dangerous reputation, and the area still has some rough edges (the Headquarters closes at 7 PM as a precaution). But the Headqaurters offers a small, cheerful place to enjoy a latte after lunch or on a break from browsing the second-hand shops nearby. The best way to show them you like them is to pay them a visit in person, but you can also visit them at and hit the “like” button.