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Dumaine Street Gang
Dumaine Street Gang

A Wedding, Kermit’s and the Treme Hideaway

On my previous birthday weekends in New Orleans, the TBC Brass Band was usually playing the Dumaine Street Gang second-line, but that didn’t happen this …

The End Is Where We Begin

The Dumaine Street Gang second-line ended where it began in the Treme neighborhood, but the crowds seemed reluctant to disperse. One crowd hung around the corner outside the Café Treme where the parade had ended, while a much larger crowd remained under the bridge on Claiborne, which turned into a car and bike show until the police came and dispersed the crowd on horseback, New Orleans, 12/02/12

Under The Bridge

When the Dumaine Street Gang second-line came to the Claiborne bridge for the third and final time of the afternoon, there was a crowd of several hundred people under the bridge. From there we made our way back to the corner of St. Philip and Villere where it had all begun four hours before, New Orleans, 12/02/12