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Greenville MS
Greenville MS

A Great Steak Dinner in the Delta at The Cowpen in Lake Village, AR

My cousin Marcy was up from Miami visiting my Uncle Owen and his wife Nancy in Greenville, Mississippi, so I drove down on Friday the 17th to see them, and we ended up going across the river to the Cow Pen steakhouse near Lake Village, Arkansas. Few restaurants have offered as perfect a meal as I had here, with a filet mignon and baked potato. Not fancy, and nothing unusual, but just classic American steak and potatoes done reaqlly well. Well, there is one thing unusual. They offer Italian and Mexican menu items as well, and I was told by those who tried them that they were good as well. Not inexpensive, although nowhere near what a similar meal would cost in a big-city steakhouse. 

A Rap Music Conference and Showcase in the Mississippi Delta

I had been asked to speak at a music conference in Leland, so, although winter weather was being predicted for Memphis, I headed out driving …