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Jimbo Mathus
Jimbo Mathus

Together We Stand: Como, Mississippi Celebrates Its Vibrant Legacy

“Can’t One Make One” read the shirts with the iconic image of the Como water tower on the front, and the legend “Together We Stand” …

R. L. Boyce, Lightnin Malcolm & Jimbo Mathus at Clarksdale’s Deep Blues Festival

Robert Palmer’s movie and book “Deep Blues” was instrumental in introducing the world to the Hill Country Blues style and its stars, R. L. Burnside …

Rain But Undampened Spirits As The North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic Kicks Off

The North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic, sponsored annual at Waterford, Mississippi by Sarah and Kenny Brown, is arguably the most important annual event in the …

All-Star Blues Jam at the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic (@DontBeSoEvil)

Every year, the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic is closed with an all-star jam of many of the great blues performers that appeared during the two days of the festival. This year’s jam included appearances from Kenny Brown, Duwayne Burnisde, Garry Burnside, Eric Deaton and Jimbo Mathus. It was definitely a great way to close out this year’s festival. 6/30/12

Jimbo Mathus Live at Messengers Pool Hall, Clarksdale

Jimbo Mathus calls his unique mixture of blues, country and rock “Catfish Music”, and is a popular performer at every Juke Joint Festival, as he is a former resident of Clarksdale. Messengers Pool Hall, where he performed on Saturday night, is possibly the oldest continuously-operated juke joint in Mississippi. Mathus is about to release his latest album White Buffalo.