Of more interest to me than the museum or other tourist attractions was New Madrid’s old architecture. Many of the buildings along Main Street were obviously quite old and historic, and there was the usual type of courthouse that one sees in the South, and a number of churches. All of the river towns seem to have a significant Catholic presence, possibly a legacy of French Louisiana. More mysterious to me is why so many Missouri towns have a street called Kingshighway. Streets bear this name in New Madrid, in Sikeston, in Cape Girardeau, in Perryville, and even in St. Louis. Was there ever a royal French road that paralleled the Mississippi River perhaps? New Madrid,MO, 8/19/12

On a Sunday morning, the streets of New Madrid were largely deserted and quiet. The local museum, tourist office and a restored school had opened because we were in town, but otherwise everything was closed. New Madrid, MO, 8/19/12

Arriving at New Madrid, MO, Sunday morning, 8/19/12. The little county seat town is famous as the epicenter of massive earthquakes in the years 1811 and 1812. Their current slogan is “New Madrid-It’s Our Fault!”