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The Alley Bar
The Alley Bar

Live Soul at Acoustix, Atlanta GA

When Phillippia finished her Acoustix set, an R & B singer named D-Metro came on stage and did one song before the end of the night, to get people ready for his appearance at the club the following weekend, Atlanta GA, 11/24/12

Phillippia Live at the Alley Bar at Acoustix, Atlanta GA

When the jazz in Acoustix Restaurant upstairs had come to an end, I walked downstairs into the Alley Bar, where an incredible young soul/funk band was backing up several singers. I was especially impressed with the drummer, whose sense of “pocket” and chops kept the band tight. The headliner proved to be a soul singer named Phillippia (@stayaddicted10), who apparently has a certain degree of fame in the Atlanta market. Originally from Miami, she skillfully blends neo-soul, traditional soul and R & B covers, reggae, and the occasional hip-hop/hardcore reference, as in her single “Addicted to My Grind.” She has a great stage persona and a decent voice, and with such a first-rate band backing her, the night was truly amazing. You can hear some of Phillippia’s music at, or follow her on Twitter at