After the conference was technically over, some of us went downtown with the New York rapper Young Trap to help him film a video. While shooting a scene in an alley, a grungy-looking guy with no shirt on came running into the alley, directly up to the video camera, yelled into it “Yeah, bros!” and kept on running west into the night. We suspected that he might be a drughead, as there were any number of them wandering about in downtown St. Petersburg. But soon police were driving through the ally, and we suspected we were going to get in trouble for filming there without a permit, but they were looking for a guy who had hit a girl over the head with a beer bottle when she refused to dance with him. The policeman was incredulous when we told him that we had captured the guy on film. Ultimately we went to the bar where it had happened, and the video was played for the victim, who confirmed that the guy who had run into our video shoot was the culprit!

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