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Bobby Charles, born Robert Charles Guidry, first came to prominence in the 1950’s with a smash R & B hit called “See You Later Alligator.” Years of hits and releases followed, until 2010, when Charles began working on an album with Louisiana legends Dr. John and Sonny Landreth. Sadly, Charles would not live to see the release of the album, which has appropriately been named Timeless. Framed by holiday anthems celebrating Fats Domino’s birthday and Halloween, the album features Charles’ trademark songwriting skills across a number of topics. “Where Did All The Love Go” and “When Love Turns to Hate” deal with failing relationships, while “Clash of Cultures” and “Take Back My Country” are patriotic. “nobody’s Fault But My Own” is a New Orleans piano romp that wouldn’t sound out of place on Dr. John’s 1972 album Gumbo, and “Rollin’ Round Heaven” seems oddly prophetic. Bobby Charles’ album Timeless is a fitting bookend to a man whose career spanned 60 years of music in Louisiana, an artist who truly deserves the sobriquet “timeless”.

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