DJ Screw, the legendary Texas DJ who pioneered the Houston tendency of slowing down and cutting up records, died on November 16, 2000. Nine years later, his heirs released a double CD of Houston freestyles extracted from the various underground mixtapes that Screw did while he was living. As each mixtape consisted of a mix of major label artists and hit records, as well as local freestyles, an above-ground release of Screw’s mixtapes would prove to be problematic from a legal and copyright aspect. But the local artist freestyles were what endeared Screw to Texas fans anyway, so here are 22 banging freestyles over Screw’s classic slowed-down sonic landscape. Hawk and ESG are there of course, and the listener can feel like he is eavesdropping on a piece of Houston rap history. 11-16-09, while not a summary of the many other mixes under Screw’s name, is a good introduction to the man and the music.

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