Founded 1963 Relaunched 2019. The Postmodern South.

The most recent artists to sign with Average Joe Entertainment are also one of country’s best-loved and most venerable groups. Montgomery Gentry are well-known, of course, and bring an older and more traditional approach to their music than many of their labelmates. The eleven tracks on Rebels on the Run celebrate the traditional rural lifestyles of simplicity, hard work, hard play, wild fun, patriotism and love of home. Particularly outstanding is the first single “Where I Come From”, a celebration of small-town America where doors can be left unlocked and where everybody knows each other. Equally charming is the Charlie Daniels feature “I Like Those People”, which seems to be a tribute to the residents of “Where I Come From”. The tightly-knit concept continues with “Simple Things”, and the title track “Rebels on the Run” fondly recalls a cantankerous young life from the nostalgia of nowadays. Rebels on the Run is a worthy addition to the legacy of Montgomery Gentry, and won’t disappoint their fans, young or old. 

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