Breakfast at the Bon Ton Cafe in Memphis

The Bon Ton Cafe in downtown Memphis was open for 63 years before it closed abruptly in 2008. A month ago or so it reopened, remodeled and with an updated menu, although the classic signage remains, and the new decor on the walls is all related to Memphis music. Wanting a breakfast on a Saturday morning, I decided to forego my usual spots and try the Bon Ton, and I’m glad I did. The Bon Ton is basically a diner, so the breakfast menu is about what you’d expect, and the prices are reasonable. But the environment is pleasant, there’s a full bar (liquor only right now, but beer is on the way) and there are TV screens, which on this particular morning were showing the University of Memphis Tigers’ last home basketball game at the Fed Ex Forum nearby. Let me say now that there’s nothing fancy about the Bon Ton. It’s not a gourmet spot like nearby McEwen’s, but the breakfast satisfies. There are also salads and sandwiches for lunch, and the Bon Ton is currently open until 6 PM each night. Visit for more information and the current menu.

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