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Huntsville AL
Huntsville AL

Enjoying an Evening at Bridge Street in Huntsville, AL

Bridge Street, in far west Huntsville,Alabama is a new shopping development with a lake, plenty of restaurants and shops, and a new, tall Westin hotel. Connor’s Steak and Seafood is a particularly good place for a steak dinner, and the nearby Cafe 153 is a great place for an after-dinner latte or espresso. Lighting and live musicians on weekends make Bridge Street a fun destination. 

Huntsville’s Lowes Mill: An Art Community

Lowes’ Mill in Southwest Huntsville is a former cotton-textile mill that dates from around the beginning of the 20th Century. After a stint as a Genesco Shoe factory, it closed, and has since been turned into a unique gallery of artists’ studios, galleries and shops. I had driven out there Saturday to visit Vertical House Records, but unfortunately they had closed at 5 PM. 

James Music, Huntsville AL

James Music, formerly James Records and Tapes, is a legendary urban music institution on Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, which I honestly thought had closed. Instead, I learned that the building had suffered water damage and thus was closed for awhile, but is back open again. There is an especially good selection of rare vinyl, a section of local Huntsville rap artists, and a good selection of blues and southern soul. 

The Hill, Normal AL

The Alabama A & M University campus at Normal, Alabama near Huntsville is known as “The Hill”, for reasons that are obvious when you visit there, 11/03/12