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Southern Haute Cuisine Around The Kitchen Table in Arlington
Southern Haute Cuisine Around The Kitchen Table in Arlington

Southern Haute Cuisine Around The Kitchen Table in Arlington

Fans of the late lamented Vinegar Jim’s were likely thrilled to see that The Kitchen Table has taken over the space on Arlington, Tennessee’s town square, but they were likely also amazed at the building’s transformation. The building, which formerly had a dark-wood cabin ambiance, has been transformed into a Southern-style house with a rambling porch around the front and right side, with outdoor seating, heat lamps, rocking chairs and picture windows.

The cuisine is quite different too, basically Southern comfort food, but with a gourmet touch. Burgers are a standard item, but the TKT burger is made from one-third brisket, one-third prime rib and one-third chuck, and served with cheese and bacon. Instead of fries there are potato wedges, which are available with truffle oil and parmesan. There is catfish of course, but also a filet mignon, and a pork porterhouse. Appetizers include Southern Poutine, which gives the Canadian classic a Southern edge by covering it in cheese curds and chicken and sausage gumbo.

While prices are not cheap, they are lower than many comparable restaurants in Shelby County, and the service is friendly and efficient. Altogether, the experience at the Kitchen Table is much like eating in an old Southern house with friends.

The town of Arlington is charming in its own right as well, and after lunch, it is fun to venture over to the adjacent S. Y. Wilson store on the square. For many years, it was the town’s general store, but today is more of a sports and lifestyle store, and definitely worth a visit.

The Kitchen Table

12062 Forrest Street

Arlington, TN 38002

(901) 317-6402

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