Memphis rapper @stunarefic performs at the #TMXMemphis

Stunarefic was the last Memphis rap artist to perform at the first ever #TMXMemphis record pool event at the Sahara Cafe and Grill in Hickory Hill. His performance closed out a very important night in which Memphis artists, producers, DJ’s and music industry people came together without hating or rivalry. If we continue to do things like this, Memphis will make real progress toward the rebuilding of its music industry.

Swordz (@swordz904) Representing for Duval at #TMXMemphis

Jacksonville rapper Swordz came all the way to Memphis for the first #TMXMemphis record pool, and gave the crowd its crunkest performance of the night. Swordz not only rapped on stage but jumped down into the crowd and ran around the building before jumping back up to complete his set.

Snootie Wild at #TMXMemphis

Snootie Wild certain lived up to his name at #TMXMemphis, with an amazing demonstration of his unique rap style that shows a strong affinity with dancehall reggae. In an era where so many young artists sound like established artists, Snootie was a refreshing difference. Visit to like Snootie or keep up with what he’s doing

The Debut of S.O.U.L. (@soulful1s) at #TMXMemphis

One of Wednesday night’s biggest surprises at #TMXMemphis was the performance of an extremely-young and talented duo known as S.O.U.L. The Memphis youngsters have an affinity for lyrical complexity over soulful tracks, and they stand out from the usual Memphis rap sound. They are definitely an act to watch.

Stebo (@Stebo4Life) Promoting His New Mixtape at #TMXMemphis

#022 Stebo

#023 J-Roc & SteboNorth Memphis rap artist Stebo has a new mixtape out, and last night he took full advantage of the new record pool called the Music Exchange to promote it. #TMXMemphis will be held six times a year in Memphis as a place for artists to promote their music and network with each other, with DJ’s and with industry personnel.