The Frontline, incredible though it may seem, began life as River City Rap, a column that ran in Flava Magazine, a hip-hop magazine in Seattle, Washington in 1995-1996. When its focus shifted to rap in the South in general, I renamed it The Frontline and subtitled it “Third Coast Hip-Hop”. In that form, it moved to Murder Dog Magazine for a number of years. But when it became an online blog in 2008, its focus shifted again, from strictly rap and hip-hop to many different aspects of life in the modern south. As such, The Frontline is now a Southeastern culture and lifestyle blog, and is subtitled “Blogging The Post-Modern South.” Blues, indie rock, jazz, rap and reggae are prominently featured throughout the region, as well as the occasional restaurant, coffee bar or resort review, occasional record reviews, and perhaps very rarely, commentary or editorial content on life in this very different modern South. Thanks for joining us on this ride. Feel free to comment, or email us with article ideas or music or restaurants you want us to review.
Email: jdoggtn@gmail.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jdoggtn
Facebook: http://www.facebook/johnshaw

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  1. hey Man

    great stuff on the Mudboy show. there were over 200 people there actually and it was in 1884 Lounge. killer show and hope you can make it each week

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