Albert King Jr and the Final Touch Band at @GroundZero; Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry and Terry Big T Williams at Red’s Lounge

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When I left the Delta Blues Alley Cafe, I walked across the street to Ground Zero Blues Club where the Final Touch Band was playing featuring Albert King Jr on bass, who claims to be the son of the late blues guitarist Albert King. The club wasn’t particularly crowded (which was unusual), and I had no problem finding a seat near the stage. After the first set was over and the band went on break, I left Ground Zero and walked back to Red’s Lounge on Sunflower Avenue at Fourth, where Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry was on stage performing. There wasn’t a huge crowd there either, but as Red’s was a smaller venue, the room seemed crowded by comparison. After Perry performed a few blues numbers, he invited up a local singer named Junebug to do a song, and then a fellow bluesman named Terry “Big T” Williams. The patrons were a good mix of local residents and out-of-town visitors, and the mood was jovial. Bill Perry came back up around 11 and played until midnight, when I left to make the long drive back to Memphis.

Check out Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry and Terry Big T Williams’ performances here:’s_Lounge,_Clarksdale_MS,_2_6_15.rar

GoDJ Phat, GoDJ J-Weezie and GoDJ Dat Boi Present “The Street Supplier” Mixtape (Free Download)

The Go DJ’s are Louisiana’s main DJ coalition, and DJ Phat should be familiar to anyone in the Grambling, Ruston and Monroe areas. Now they have released their first mixtape of the year, The Street Supplier, which features three segments, one mixed by DJ Phat, one by DJ J-Weezie and one by DJ Dat Boi. The mix features plenty of Louisiana artists from the familiar to the obscure, including Lil Cali, Boosie, Kevin Gates, 3 Feet and Juvenile. Download and enjoy!

The Memphis Dawls (@memphisdawls) Live at the @LevittShell @Grammy365

Memphis indie rocker Holly Cole has been fairly well-known in Memphis for several years, but this year has been the real break-out year for her latest venture, the trio with Jana Misener and Krista Wroten known as the Memphis Dawls. The Dawls, judging from their performance at the Levitt Shell for the Recording Academy shindig, bring a punk/indie sensibility to the kind of country/folk ethos that fueled Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. But there are tinges of jazz and soul as well, and appearance-wise, the trio cultivates a decidedly late-1940’s aesthetic. Certainly we’ve been hearing more about them this year, and from what I heard at the Shell, with good reason. All their recorded music can be mailordered by going to, or it can be purchased for download at their Bandcamp site.