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Arlington TN
Arlington TN

Remembering the Legacy of Bartlett’s Shadowlawn High School

Back in 1979, I had attended Shadowlawn Middle School in a rural area along Shadowlawn Road north of Ellendale. I was in the sixth grade …

The Brunswick Picnic and the Independent Order of Pole Bearers

The modern concept of life insurance did not come to the South until after the Civil War, and when it did come, the early Southern …

Part of the charm of Arlington TN is the many historic buildings and homes that have been preserved, 6/16/12

Last Saturday, the town of Arlington, TN had live music on the downtown square along the railroad, and a large crowd turned out to enjoy the festivities, 6/16/12

The Brendalay Grill is one of Arlington, TN’s newest restaurants, 6/16/12