SXSW Day 3: At the @SoSouth @ThaFixx Welcome to the South hip-hop showcase with @Doubhbeezy @KillaKyleon

The band that was going on after Kashmere ThunderSoul at the Palm Door was more rock oriented, so I left out and decided to walk back to the Welcome to the South showcase at the Scoot Inn in East Austin, getting there as Houston artist Doughbeezy went on stage. His performance was followed by Killa Kyleon, another Houston rapper that started out as part of the Boss Hogg Outlaws. After his performance, thoroughly tired, I decided to call it a night, and made the long walk up the hill back to my car, hearing a whole bunch of sirens from the other side of I-35.

SXSW Day 3: Walking From Rainey Street to The Welcome to the South Hip-Hop Showcase @ScootInn @SoSouth

When I left the Container Bar, I walked down Cesar Chavez toward East Austin, and considered stopping by Cenote coffee bar for a latte, but decided against it, and walked on down to the Scoot Inn, where Houston-based So South Distribution and were sponsoring a Texas rap showcase called Welcome to the South. I didn’t know the artists who were performing, but I did see Go DJ JB on the turntables, whom I had seen earlier in the day at The Eastern. I originally planned to probably hang out at this showcase for the rest of the evening, but I suddenly saw on my SXSW schedule that the Kashmere Thunder Soul Orchestra (an all-star group of former Kashmere Stage Band members) was playing at the Palm Door, which was just beside the Austin Convention Center, so I left out to walk the 15 minutes back to downtown.

SXSW Day 3: Walking Around The Fader Fort and Up Red River Street

When I left the hip-hop showcase, I walked down to the Fader Fort, but things really weren’t happening there yet, and I had no way to get in anyway. The Memphis rapper Cartier Hugo was performing over at some place on Red River Street, so I began to head over that way, but his performance was over before I got there, so I walked on up the street to see what else was going on, and ended up going inside Cheer Up Charlie’s because I liked the sound of the band I heard playing there.

SXSW Day 3: Coffee in East Austin @VintageHeartAtx and Records @ThirdManRRS @ThirdManRecords

It is possible to find free parking during SXSW if you don’t mind a fair amount of walking, so I parked over on the Eastside, north of 11th Street, and walked down the hill beside the Texas State Cemetery. When I got to 7th Street, I was in the mood for a latte, so I stopped at Vintage Heart Coffee before continuing my walk further down to East 6th Street. There, beside La Perla Bar, I noticed that the Rolling Record Store from Jack White’s Third Man Records had set up on the food trailer lot where the Sailor Jerry’s showcase was going on. I hung out there for a minute, and then walked further down to the Eastern, where a hip-hop showcase was supposed to be taking place.

SXSW Day 2: Walking Back to East Austin and Early Morning Breakfast at @KerbeyLaneCafe

I had left my car in East Austin, so after the Kool & Together show, I had a fairly long walk to my car, which was at the Carver Community Center. By now, I was a dead tired, but it was the satisfied kind of tired, so when I had driven out toward my hotel in Cedar Park, I stopped at the 24-hour Kerbey Lane Cafe out on Highway 183 for a midnight breakfast. While I was there, ferocious winds came up, and the weather became not merely cool but downright chilly.

SXSW Day 2: Trailer Space Records and East Austin

After I left Travis Heights, I drove over to East Austin and parked my car across the street from the Carver Community Center. As I was walking down the hill, I came first to Trailer Space Records, the cool vinyl and used CD shop that is also a music venue. During SXSW, it can get too crowded to come inside, but I was able to do some browsing before I continued walking down past the cemetery to the Hotel Vegas. While there, i checked the SXSW schedule on my phone and saw that the 1970’s funk/soul band Kool & Together was playing at the 512 Rooftop on Sixth Street, so I decided to walk over that way and see if I could catch their show.

Cheer Up Charlie’s (@CheerUpCharlies) By Night in East Austin @SXSW 2013

190 Cheer Up Charlies By Night The festive atmosphere continued all along 6th Street, even over on the east side of I-35, where bright lights hung from trees, and from the roofs of businesses. The Via 313 Pizza was still open, fortunately, and I was able to grab a slice of pepperoni to sit and enjoy at the picnic table out in front. Then I slowly walked back up the hill to my car, which I had parked on Navasota above 11th. It was midnight, and most of the showcases were beginning to wind down. After I got my car, I rolled past the H & H Lounge and several other showcase spots, but everything had largely come to an end, and so South By Southwest, that most amazing of all American music festivals had suddenly and quietly come to an end for another year.