SXSW Day 4: League of Extraordinary G’z (@LOEGz) at @AudibleTreats Showcase

I see lots of rap groups during South By Southwest, but it’s always a little more personal and special when I see the League of Extraordinary G’z. Not just because they’re Austin’s best rap group, but because I’ve been knowing them and keeping up with them ever since journalist Matt Sonzala spoke highly of them to me three or four years ago. I’ve seen them perform at South By Southwest for several years, at Conway, Arkansas and A3C in Atlanta. I’ve enjoyed their mixtapes, whether given to me or downloaded. I’ve proudly worn the T-shirts they gave me with the familiar map of Texas made out of guns (what a superb logo). I’ve felt the deep sense of loss and tragedy as they have lost not one but two members to death in the last couple of years, both from rare medical conditions. In short, the LOEG’z are not merely a rap group, but my friends and family, and I always try to catch at least one of their shows when I’m at SXSW.

SXSW Day 4: Who The Heck Is @TanyaMorgan? @AudibleTreats

When they announced that the next act to come on stage would be Tanya Morgan, of course I was expecting to see a female rap artist come up. Two guys was the last thing I would have expected. But they soon made us understand that Tanya Morgan was the name of their Brooklyn-based rap group, which strangely had no female members at all, and the origin of the name remained unexplained. But they proved to be a decent New York-style hip-hop group.