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Pop-Up Arts Festival
Pop-Up Arts Festival

Al Kapone (@ALKaponeMemphis) Live at the Pop-Up Arts Festival, Melrose Stadium, Orange Mound, 2012

Al Kapone (@ALKaponeMemphis) is one of the founders of Memphis rap, and a man who has contributed generously and selflessly to the Memphis music industry. Among his accomplishments is being one of the first rap artists to perform with a symphony orchestra. At the Pop-Up Arts Festival in Orange Mound last Sunday, Kapone performed a brief excerpt of his longer performance with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and the jook dancers from the U Dig Dance Academy. It was a great ending to a great day in Orange Mound. 

Memphis Black Arts Alliance Jazz-A-Fire Quartet

Jazz-A-Fire is the jazz ensemble of the Memphis Black Arts Alliance in South Memphis. It includes such great Memphis musicians as trumpeter Nokie Taylor, drummer James Sexton, pianist Steven Lee and bassist Kent Suggs, and runs a monthly jam session at the Alliance headquarters on Bellevue. Here they are performing for the crowd at Melrose Stadium during the Pop-Up Arts Festival in Orange Mound, 4/29/12

Neosoulville artist Juju Bushman wows the crowd at Melrose Stadium during the Pop-Up Arts Festival in Orange Mound, Memphis, 4/29/12. He performs regularly at The Word every Monday night at the Rumba Room on South Main in Memphis. #MemphisRising

The New Ballet Ensemble performing at Melrose Stadium for the Pop-Up Arts Festival in Orange Mound 4/29/12

The New Ballet Ensemble and School teaches all kinds of dance, from African to hip-hop, based at the campus of Dunbar Elementary in Orange Mound. Here are some of their students and instructors performing at the Pop-Up Arts Festival in Orange Mound 4/29/12

Young Memphis rap duo Sidewayz opened up the Pop-Up Arts Festival stage in Orange Mound on Sunday, 4/29/12

The second Pop-Up Arts Festival of the year was held Sunday 4/29/12 at Melrose Stadium in Orange Mound. The event was sponsored by ArtsMemphis and featured live music, dance, African drumming, painting, metalworking, jazz, neo-soul and hip-hop, along with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Of course, there was also delicious food and lots of fun. 

At the Pop-Up Arts Festival in North Memphis at the Hollywood Community Center, March 24, 2012

ArtsMemphis has begun to sponsor a number of Pop-Up Arts Festivals in different neighborhoods around Memphis, and on Saturday March 24, 2012, the first one of the year was held at Hollywood Community Center in North Memphis. The event featured live music, African drumming and dance, food and various arts and crafts.