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R & B

Live Soul at Cafe 290, Atlanta GA

Café 290 advertises itself as a jazz bar, but it’s actually more of a place for R & B and soul. Still, the musicianship is good, the place has a friendly vibe, and it’s usually packed to the rafters. On the Friday night after Thanksgiving, I came through to catch the end of William Green’s set. Keep up with the live music schedule at Café 290 by visiting or

Showtime at the Ice Bar, Wednesdays 6PM until. #MemphisRising

This R & B group was performing at the far east end of Sixth Street near the interstate, but what really impressed me was the funky drummer who was the foundation of the group. #SXSW

Dallas-based Dondria is the most recent female singer to be introduced to the world by Jermaine Dupri’s venerable So So Def imprint, now distributed by Malaco Urban. Her debut album is entitled “Dondria vs. Phatfffat” (“Phatfffat” was a childhood nickname), and reveals immediately her extensive vocal gifts. She is a fine and versatile singer, with a clear, powerful and expressive voice. The songs, of course, deal with the usual currency of R & B, songs about break-ups (“Where Did We Go Wrong” and “No More”), pleas for a second chance (“You’re The One”) and songs about sex (“Making Love”). The best of these have a strong summertime vibe, however, and make for pleasurable listening, particularly “No More” and the “Jeep Remix” of “You’re The One”, with its familiar “I’d Rather Be With You” sample.  The final slow ballad “Kissed By The Sun” leaves the realm of R & B entirely for the world of pop, demonstrating Dondria’s versatility and mainstream commercial potential. Altogether, Dondria vs. Phatfffat is a respectable first outing from a voice that I would hope to hear from in the future.