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An Old Abandoned Depot at Mantee, MS
An Old Abandoned Depot at Mantee, MS

An Old Abandoned Depot at Mantee, MS

Perhaps because Woodland had been a company town, there were few buildings there that were really photogenic, but a few miles south, the town of Mantee had far more to investigate. The tragedy in Mantee, though, is that the historic buildings that remain are largely vacant, and are being allowed to crumble. Particularly sad is the historic railroad station, which has suffered roof damage and is clearly in danger. Here’s hoping that someone decides to rescue it before it’s too far gone. As for the rest of the town, there is a bank branch, a water office and the town hall.

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  1. Orene Carlisle Fennell

    My grandfather, Francis (Frank) Marion Carlisle at one time had a little grocery store in Mantee. He died in 1917, before I was born, so don’t know the dates. However, he had one in Chickasaw Co.(Woodland) also that my dad ran. I imagine it was in the early 1900’s until ?????. They lived in what people were still calling ‘the old Carlisle place’ when I was visiting back in the 1990’s. It was in Mantee, so I understand, but had burned down after it had been left standing. Wish I knew the year.

    If you run across any other information, or have pictures back during that time, I would be so glad to see them. I’m going to give you my email address below in case you do have more info or pictures.

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