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Bama’s Record Shop, Jackson MS
Bama’s Record Shop, Jackson MS

Bama’s Record Shop, Jackson MS

Bama’s Record Shop on Bailey Avenue in Jackson, Mississippi has been the premiere place to buy blues, soul, gospel and rap music in Jackson for well over 20 years. Formerly a location of James Bennett’s BIP Records, the store still features a considerable amount of vinyl, and a good selection of both new and used discs, including some that are hard-to-find discontinued items. The selection of oldie rap is especially good. Bama’s is located just north of the Virden Addition neighborhood at 2618 Bailey Avenue Extended and can be reached the old-fashioned way at (601) 983-2040.


  1. Flora Richardson

    I’m looking for the CD by Katie Sankey with the song “IF I COULD JUST HOLD OUT UNTIL TOMORROW” and “I DON’T KNOW WHY”. If you have it, please let me know asap…

    Thank you,

    Flo Richardson

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