A TBC Brass Band Gig at Midnight in Avondale

013 TBC Brass Band in Avondale014 TBC Brass Band in Avondale015 TBC Brass Band in Avondale016 TBC Brass Band in Avondale017 TBC Brass Band in Avondale018 TBC Brass Band in Avondale
After dinner, I had tried to go to the Kermit Ruffins/Rebirth Brass Band show at Tipitina’s, but they would not allow me inside because I had camera equipment. And TBC had a gig in Avondale anyway, so I headed out to New Orleans East and checked into my motel room, and by that point it was time to head to the Avondale gig, which started at midnight. The location proved to be another hole-in-the-wall club, this one across the street from a large and busy truckstop on Highway 90. The event was apparently a birthday party, and the little club was packed to overflowing, but somehow or other the crowd parted and TBC made their way inside to play for around 20 minutes or so, then marched back out the door and disbanded outside. By then it was nearly 1 in the morning, and I decided to call it a night.

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