The Lady Jetsetters Coming Out the Door in the Calliope with the Stooges Brass Band @StoogesMusicGroup

The second-line on Sunday January 12 was sponsored by the Lady Jetsetters, and it began in Mid-City at the B. W. Cooper housing development, usually called the Calliope, which anyone familiar with New Orleans rap would have heard of. Since Hurricane Katrina, the former Calliope has been undergoing redevelopment as a mixed-income neighborhood, but some of the original buildings remain. Fortunately, there was ample free parking, and I found only a small crowd outside where the parade would begin. The weather was sunny and warm for January, and soon a much larger crowd began to gather, and the first musicians began to show up. members of the Stooges Brass Band, some of whom knew me. By the time the club members “came out the door”, there were a couple of hundred people or so, and we followed the partial Stooges band around the corner into the old Calliope projects. A couple of musicians caught up with the parade a block or so from the beginning, and we quickly came to the first stop of the day, at the headquarters of the Calliope Steppers just around the corner from where we had begun.

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