Uptown At The Krewe of Proteus Parade

1140 Warren Easton High School Band1141 Warren Easton High School Band1142 Concordia College Band1143 Concordia College Drumline1144 Roots of Music Marching Band1145 Belaire High School Band1146 Donaldsonville High School Band105 Proteus106 Marine Band107 Marine Band108 Proteus109 Proteus110 Proteus111 Proteus115 Proteus Parade119 Woodlawn Dance Team124 Proteus125 Proteus127 Proteus128 Proteus130 Proteus131 Proteus132 Proteus134 Proteus136 Proteus137 Proteus138 Proteus
Proteus is one of the old-line Mardi Gras krewes, and the only one of the old original ones to stage a parade on the streets of New Orleans. The other two, Comus and Momus, quit parading after the city passed an ordinance requiring organizations to not discriminate on the basis of race as a condition of receiving a parade permit. The ordinance was later found unconstitutional (primarily because it required all krewes to submit their membership lists to the city), but only Proteus returned to parading. For people used to second-lines, Mardi Gras parades are far different. They are not at all participatory events, and there is no second-lining, and such bands as there are are the more traditional marching bands from local schools and colleges. Still, there is a considerable amount of good music and fun, and of course the beads and medallions that people want. Fortunately, the rain held off through the Proteus parade, and the Krewe of Orpheus parade was lined up to roll directly behind it.

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