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Breakfast at @RiasBluebird Before My @A3C Panel #A3C2013
Breakfast at @RiasBluebird Before My @A3C Panel #A3C2013

Breakfast at @RiasBluebird Before My @A3C Panel #A3C2013

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Atlanta has more breakfast restaurants than almost any other city I’ve been to. Quaint, unique little spots are the order of the day, and the vast majority of them are pretty good. Ria’s Bluebird is not necessarily my favorite breakfast in Atlanta (which keeps changing anyway) but it is a good one, and worth checking out. However, it does have a few quirks that might annoy some people. For one thing, even the bar seating is subject to waiting, so if you’re accustomed to just taking an open seat at the bar, you cannot do that at Ria’s. You have to put your name on the waiting list even to sit at the bar. And the other odd thing is that Ria’s only offers one omelette per day, and WILL NOT make any others than the one advertised for that day. But enough about what I didn’t like. The bacon, eggs, potatoes and biscuits were great, as was the coffee, and although the place was extremely crowded on a Saturday morning, my wait for a bar stool was not terribly long. The price was reasonable too, and I got back to the Melia Hotel in plenty of time for the A3C panel that I was a part of.

Ria’s Bluebird
421 Memorial Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 521-3737
Open Daily 8AM-3 PM

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