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Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar Uptown, New Orleans
Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar Uptown, New Orleans

Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar Uptown, New Orleans

Unlike many cities, New Orleans has a bewildering array of breakfast choices. While in many cities, the difficulty is in finding a place for breakfast, in New Orleans, the difficulty is in deciding which place to choose. Surrey’s is a juice bar and a cafe, and at first that had me somewhat concerned. Would there be substantial and traditional breakfast items, or would everything be “healthy” or “vegan”? But the place got rave reviews on Yelp, so I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did. Surrey’s Uptown is on Magazine Street, in a charming, fairly-small house. They do indeed have a traditional breakfast menu at exceptionally-reasonable prices. Bacon, eggs, biscuits-all were exquisitely prepared to order, and the roasted potatoes were an outstanding alternative to the usual grits or skillet potatoes. While I was able to get right in on a Tuesday morning, the place seems small and probably fills up quickly on weekends, and it’s a fair distance from the French Quarter. Nevertheless, it’s worth the trip for a breakfast that will leave you and your wallet comfortably full. Visit for menus and hours.


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