Remembering Biff Burger: The Best In Fast Food

The story of the Biff Burger chain is an interesting one, to say the least. Formed in the late 1950’s in Clearwater, Florida, the chain was acquired in 1962 by the Tampa-based Mary Carter Paint Company, which some people claimed was a CIA front! It certainly had been set up by a team of people that included Allen Dulles, and it didn’t stay involved in paint very long, acquiring vast holdings of land in the Bahamas, and ultimately morphing into a casino corporation known as Resorts International in 1978. There were once nearly a hundred Biff Burger outlets all over America, but the parent company’s switch in emphasis to casinos led to the demise of the fast food chain in the late 1970’s. Only two locations remain, this one in St. Petersburg, and one in Greensboro, North Carolina, whose owner changed the name of his location to Beef Burger, fearing some sort of franchise or copyright issue. The secret to Biff Burger’s charcoal-broiled goodness is their patented roto-broiler, which broils the burgers and toasts the buns all at once, allowing the beef drippings to fall onto the toasting buns! By the way, Biff stands for “Best In Fast Food.”

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